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As we have already stated if we could go back four decades to a time when politicians were not in politics just to fleece the taxpayer but were there to SERVE THE PEOPLE and they would certainly not then have SOLD OUR FREEDOM -OUR CONSTITUTION-OUR COUNTRY to a FOREIGN POWER.

With regard to the question of STRONG GOVERNMENT we have had enough of what is called STRONG GOVERNMENT over the past 12 years which has apart from our loss of LIBERTIES has virtually destroyed OUR VALUES-OUR FREEDOMS and COUNTRY.

Tony Blair said he wanted to implant his DEMOCRACY into IRAQ and they have a PR system of government.  At home we have the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly.  WHY is it acceptable for PR in these cases but NOT in ENGLAND.

Of course whichever text book one looks at over the past hundred years one is left in no doubt that PR is not strong government but they were other times and with different attitudes and different values in society. What we have to face today is that millions of people have had their full of what is supposed to be effective strong democratic[?] government and now realise that it is time to move on and introduce PR in order that those millions of voters and non-voters in their millions who had nowhere to go to get their just complaints dealt with. 

As we have said many times if PR had been in existence there would have been NO EEC in January 1973 because there would have been a strong anti-EU party in existence with many Members in


The reasons that the editorial of the Daily Mail puts before the English people is tainted by past history and as part of the Establishment in our country the supposed FREE PRESS are in cahoots with those who have connived to entrap us all in a nightmarish satanic, undemocratic


We can see that those who speak in such derogatory terms about PR are themselves part of the plot of the destruction of a once world respected unique parliamentary democracy in a 1500 year nation state of England and its total eradication from the map of Europe and the World.


We only have to look what has happened across the seas to a once Land of the Free with their written constitution which has been virtually destroyed because the American Constitution is now what the President says it is and not what Congress should demand it is .  They have so-called STRONG GOVERNMENT in the USA and the PEOPLE loath it because it has taken away almost all their rights in their once world acclaimed


Why was this clip removed from the rerun of the debates?



 So the Daily Mail needs urgently to take into account the history of the past two centuries and particularly over the past decade before being so adamant that their answer to the treachery and thieves which now abound in our once respected Westminster depends on STRONG GOVERNMENT when it is that very premiss which has landed us all in such a gigantic swindle from the political classes on the once free people in our Island Home of ENGLAND.







Ten EU truths we must tell the public

1. The leaderships of the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem parties have been taken over by pro-Europeans. These leaderships implement the EU's policy, and ignore the wishes of their voters. That's why your vote doesn't make a difference.

2. The European Union has the Constitution of a dictatorship, and the laws of a police state. Dictatorships lead to oppression and poverty. The EU Constitution is
similar to the old Soviet Union's.

3. Once the Queen has signed the sixth and final EU Treaty in June,2008 [ SHE DID against HER  1953 CORONATION OATH] the very much alive EU Constitution makes it clear the EU will abolish the nations of Britain and England (and our Lib, Lab and Con parties, Reform Treaty clause 8A-4).

4. The EU is illegal under British law. Four Prime Ministers and the Queen have committed five acts of Treason by signing five EU treaties which will abolish our nation and replace it with the EU; they had to secretly repeal two of the laws of
treason i
n the 1998 Crime and Disorder Act (s36.3) to escape prosecution.

5. The police state growing around you, and reported on by some national newspapers, is the EU police state. We've been in the EU for 34 years, we are harmonising our laws with the EU, the emerging police state is the result.

6. Political correctness, the undermining of parents, the family and teachers, the teaching of sex and homosexuality to under tens, the promotion of single parent families etc. is subversion by the EU or its Common Purpose organisation over the
last 37 years, using the plans of the German
Frankfurt School.

 7.  The EU will be an economic disaster. We now lose £30 billion a year trading with Europe; before we joined we broke even. The EU's 111,000 regulations cost us £100 billion a year (Better Regulation Commission Annual Report 2005); they will
bring us a soviet style command economy and poverty. Our politicians lied to us.

8. If you have voted Conservative, Labour or Lib Dem over the last 34 years you have voted for the EU police state, and for the abolition of your own party.

9. German Chancellor Angela Merkel ensured our government signed the “Reform Treaty;” which will abolish the British Constitution and enforce the EU’s from 1st January 2009. The EU treaties don’t allow for a British General Election, which isn't due until 5th May 2010, so it is unlikely another will be permitted. You will by then be imprisoned inside the EU police state, where you will be ruled by unelected EU dictators, who will control the nuclear weapons of what used to be Britain and


10. Britain is the fifth largest economy amongst the world's 200 nations. Forget elections and parties, whose leaderships are controlled by the EU. Fight the direct anti EU campaigns on eutruth to get Britain back before its too late. Start by visiting
your MP in his local surgery and warn him he will lose his £240,000 salary and expenses when the EU closes Westminster on 5th May 2010.

David Noakes. 07974 437 097







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GORDON BROWN(1991 &1995) Tony Blair -Ed Balls (2002) David Steel - Kenneth Clarke (2009)  - George Osborne (2009)- Shadow Chancellor of the exchequer (now you know why we think whatever David Cameron says about a Referendum to oust the EU is very very doggy) and many others including Governor of  the Bank of England  Mervyn King. Go through the above lists which are not complete to see those who have traitorously betrayed your country since early 1950's.

The fact that certain individuals are not on the incomplete list is no guarantee that the individual concerned is not a Bilderberger.  It is inconceivable that David Cameron is not one of that elite if HIS Shadow Chancellor George Osborne is on the list.  So those who vote for the main parties on JUNE4 are voting for


We have above mentioned what the Daily Mail has concluded about FPTP system what is their reaction for ONLY ONE PAST THE POST which is what WORLD GOVERNMENT is all about.

We notice that the Daily Telegraph has been well represented in the ranks of the Bilderbergers over the years and we wonder whether this sudden destruction of our House of Commons at this opportunistic time so near to the Lisbon treaty being ratified at the year's end in order the people feel no loss for THEIR PARLIAMENT when it is finally abolished as stated in the TREATY OF TREASON.





13Sep07 - Bilderberg book comes out in English

I take this opportunity to let you know that on September 22, 2007, Trineday Publishing will release the English language version of "The True Story of the Bilderberg Group." The book includes over 150 pages of secret, never before seen documents and photographs from my personal exclusive collection.

We are having a lot of trouble getting mainstream coverage, as I am sure you can imagine. Last week the CNN showed a small segment on the Bilderberbers…mixing them with the extreme right wing conspiracy theorists, KKK, the Gun lobby, anarchists and the such. I can almost forgive them and their corporate media coverage. After all, the mainstream press is in the business of hiding, not revealing the truth to the general public. The case of Amy Goodman, the Left wing US icon, however, defies all logic. Goodman said she did not wish to have anything to do with wacky conspiracy theories and will not intervew us under any conditions. Few people know that she is part of a Left progressive gatekeeping apparatus.

The Bilderbergers must be stopped.

The Bilderberg Club has grown beyond its idealistic beginnings to become a shadow world government, which decides in total secrecy at annual meetings how their plans are to be carried out. They threaten to take away our right to direct our own destinies. And it is becoming easier because the development of telecommunication technology, together with profound present-day knowledge and new methods of behaviour engineering to manipulate individual conduct convert what, at other epochs of history, were only evil intentions into a disturbing reality. Each new measure, viewed on its own, may seem an aberration, but a whole host of changes, as part of an ongoing continuum, constitutes a shift towards total enslavement.

This is why it is time to look behind the scenes. We are at a crossroads. And the roads we take from here will determine the very future of humanity.  We have to wake up to the true objectives and actions of the Bilderberg Club and its parallel kin if we hope to retain the freedoms fought for by our grandfathers in the Second World War. It is not up to God to bring us back from the “New Dark Age” planned for us. IT IS UP TO US. Whether we go into the next century as an electronic global police state or as free human beings depends on the action we take now.

If you can help us in any way to spread the word through your contacts, friends and acquaintances, all of us would very much appreciate it.

Daniel Estulin








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