On June 4-2009 your vote for

will ensure that that either the EU will have to revert to a looser arrangement of independent nation states or it will in time of economic collapse and destroy itself.


We hope that whatever your present political preference or if any at the moment that you will for the forthcoming election help to shake up the present incumbents and help send a strong breath of fresh air which will fill our hallowed Ancient Hall at Westminster with ‘Liberty’.


Don’t Forget? -Your unselfish Decision will put Your once Free Country back on track for the Future and all that it will cost will be for You to use Your right to protect Your Freedom and Country.

Over a Hundred and Fifty Seven years ago a great patriotic Prime Minister -Foreign Secretary -Lord Palmerstone (Henry John Temple) -beloved by his People defined the principle of nationality as follows:


Providence meant mankind to be divided into separate nations, and for this purpose countries have been bounded by natural barriers, and races of men have been distinguished by separate languages, habits, manners, dispositions, and characters…” (1848)


“…We have in the first place to say that the Business of an English Government, is to pursue that course of Foreign Policy which on the whole they may think right; and not to attempt the impossible task of at all times and upon all subjects doing that which is agreeable to all Foreign Governments. A man who in private life attempts to please everyone, invariably fails; and the Government of a great country would not be more successful in such an endeavour…

. It must at times be an advantage to a foreign Prince…in the present state of the continent to visit England and to see with his own eyes, how Liberty may be combined with Loyalty, Freedom with public order, and how the Respect which is shown by the Crown for the Rights of the Subject and for the enactment of the Law produces corresponding Feelings on the Part of the People and inspires them with similar Respect for the Rights of the Crown and for the Laws which secure the Liberties and the Property of all , from the highest to the lowest in the Land. ”


For a full statement of his Principles:


“I hold with respect to alliances that England is a Power sufficiently strong, sufficiently powerful to steer her own course, and not to tie herself as an unnecessary appendage to the policy of any other Government. I hold that the real policy of England-apart from questions which involve her own particular interests, political or commercial-is to be the champions of justice and right, pursuing that course with moderation and prudence, not becoming the Quixote of the world, but giving the weight of her moral sanction and support wherever she thinks that justice is, and wherever she thinks wrong has been done…


It is a narrow policy to suppose that this country or that is to be marked out as the eternal ally or the perpetual enemy of England. We have no eternal enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual, and those interests it is our duty to follow.”

[In 1848 Lord Palmerstone was Foreign Secretary at the age of sixty-three. He entered Parliament in 1807- Secretary at War in 1809; 1811-28 (most years) War Office; 1830- 1852 Foreign Office; 1852-55 -Home Office; 1855-65.


Born 1784 in Park Street Westminster. Family home ‘Broadlands’ Hampshire. Died on the morning of October 18, 1865. And the last candle [last of his contempories] of the Eighteenth century was out.’

* *


[It is significant that the word ‘England’ was not a word despised in our House of Commons during the time of this great patriot of England and only closer to our own times has the word Britain taken its place though we do detect a slight revival now in existence. ]











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