‘C’  History; how did we get into this mess.


The European ‘Project’ was the brain-child of a British civil servant, Arthur Salter, at the end of the First World War.  He was assisted by a young Frenchman, Jean Monnet.


The Project re-emerged after the Second World War and its fundamental idea was (and, believe it or not, still is), that nation states were responsible for the carnage of two World Wars.  They must therefore be emasculated, and diluted into a supra-national state, run by a Commission of wise and honest technocrats.  Hence the Commission’s monopoly to propose legislation.  The ‘Project’ therefore confuses dangerous nationalism with honourable patriotism.


Most of us reject conspiracy theories, but the EU Project is indeed a massive deception of the people by the political elite of Europe.  Anyone who doubts this should read a brilliant book by Christopher Booker and Richard North, entitled the ‘Great Deception’, and published by Continuum Books, which reveals the detailed history of how the people have been misled.


The authors have uncovered several internal Foreign Office memos under the 30-year rule.   There is one beauty from a senior civil servant in 1971 to a colleague, along the lines of:


“Of course this is the end of a British democracy as we have known it, but if it is properly handled the people won’t know what’s happened until the end of the century.  With any luck, old boy, by then I’ll be dead.” 

I have space to expose only one proof of this terrible deception, by quoting a filleted extract of Sections 2 and 3 of the European Communities Act 1972, which is the Act, which took us into what was then the European Common Market. It goes as follows:


“All such rights, powers, liabilities obligations and restrictions from time to time created or arising by or under the Treaties… are without further enactment to be given legal effect…and be enforced, allowed and followed accordingly.


Subject to Schedule 2 to this Act, at any time after its passing Her Majesty may by Order in Council, and any designated Minister or department may by regulations, make provision… for the purpose of implementing any Community obligation of the United Kingdom”.


Section 3 reads as follows:


“For the purposes of all legal proceedings, any question as to the meaning or effect of any of the Treaties, or as to the validity, meaning or effect of any Community instrument, shall be treated as a question of law (and, if not referred to the European Court, be for determination as such in accordance with the principles laid down by and any relevant decision of the European Court)”.


Articles 226-229 of the Treaty Establishing the European Communities (TEC) give the Luxembourg ‘Court’ the right to impose unlimited fines if we don’t obey everything agreed in Brussels.


Yet Edward Heath [The First Great Deceiver] had the nerve to promise that “no loss of essential sovereignty” was involved in the passing of the 1972 Act.  Harold Wilson said the same thing in the 1975 Referendum campaign.  Both Prime Ministers pretended we had merely joined a Common Market.  I fear Margaret Thatcher was deceived as to the way the Single European Act of 1986 would be used, which created the system of Qualified Majority Voting.  She bitterly regrets it today, as I expect you know. John Major then misled us about the Maastricht Treaty of 1992, and Tony Blair misled us over the Amsterdam Treaty of 1997 and the Nice Treaty of 2002.  It has always been essential to keep the true nature of the Project from the British people.  They have to be slowly sucked into the embrace of the corrupt octopus, until it is too late to escape. That is the very essence of the Project, and I hope you will agree it is working pretty well.


End of Part ‘C’